Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's the day )-:

Today was my stepson Collin's VERY LAST DAY of high school.

 He is enrolled in what we call an "Academy" around here so he has been in a very accelerated high school program.  And Tuesday, he'll continue with college classes as part of his Engineering Academy, but he won't have to go to the high school anymore.  He'll complete his college classes in May, and then graduate with his high school class in June with lots of college credits.

 What a whirlwind!  Can he really be graduating this JUNE??

Last night, we had a parents meeting at the high school to discuss college and financial aid.  It was packed with hopeful parents and tons of seniors all wondering what the future was going to hold for them.  It was then that I realized that Collin had one more day left of "high school"...I knew the day was coming, but was it really here?

 As we were walking the high school halls afterward, I asked Collin if he was sad that he wouldn't be walking these halls anymore after this week.

 He was laughing too hard to answer! 

Every Friday and sometimes other random days, Collin's friend Clay comes to spend the afternoon hanging out.  So I figured that if today was going to be the last time they had to attend the high school that they should celebrate their hard work and accomplishment so I made them a cake this morning.

I am so proud of these two and all their accomplishments!  

Now we just have to make sure they can find their way to the college on Tuesday. 

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Samkay said...

that cake was DELICIOUS!!! and I love how Clay is the one holding the