Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our newest tradition - A 5k walk-run (or crawl)

My cousin Laura decided this year that it would be a great idea for our family on my dad's side to start doing an Annual 5k (3 mile) run/walk or crawl in my case. 

I wasn't going to go until Meeper called me and convinced me that I should meet her at the half way point! 

Here is Meeper and my Aunt Di moving right along because they were being timed. 
It isn't often that all my cousins are able to get together, especially since one of my cousins lives on the west coast.  I think this event will be a nice way to keep us getting all together.  Great idea Laura! 

And here is the finish line...lots of family and friends waiting for us!

 I was disqualified since I only walked half of it, but they did offer me half an apple. (-:
I guess half an apple is better than no apple! 

My family ROCKS!!!

Thanks Laura for thinking of a terrific way to keep us all together through this walk!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

You go girl...half does count..hehe~

EmmaP said...

that is a cool idea. Never would have ever come up with that one in a million years! thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm gonna stay for a minute and poke around here! ;)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

If I were in it, it WOULD be a crawl. I can't even run a mile :(
Kudos to you!!

And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.