Sunday, November 29, 2009

The $1 dress...

We're broke. My dear hubby has been on disability since August, with the exception of two weeks in September. My daughter needed a dress for our Thanksgiving dinner, and we're broke. Did I mention that already? (-;
Anyways, Dollar Tree and Make It and Love It to the rescue.
When I saw the dress that Ashley from Make It and Love It made from a sweater for her adorable daughter, I was impressed.

Coincidentally I went to Dollar Tree around the same time as seeing that post, and what did I see?

Why an ivory sweater for a DOLLAR!!! SCORE!

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about cutting into a sweater, even a dollar sweater. I guess I had it in my head that the whole thing would unravel after I cut it, and that I would never be able to do the sleeves. But since it wasn't even in my size, I bit the bullet and just did it!

And I am so happy that I did because it wasn't hard AT ALL!!!!

Even making and reattaching the sleeves wasn't too bad! Probably the worst part for me was embellishing it and finding the stockings.

As a bonus, I was even able to use a piece of the discarded sweater for a headband!

I made the roses on the dress from a shirt that no longer fit me. I was short on time so I ruffled up some of the material and used pins to pin each one to the sweater. I thought that the color might bleed onto the sweater so this way I can remove them prior to washing.

I may eventually switch up to a more subdued color rose and attach it permentaently, but for now I can take them off or change them out pretty simply.

The stockings cost 4 times the amount of the dress! Talk about splurging. (-;

Unforunately I couldn't find a stripe stocking in her size, and basically the flower ones were all that was left that would fit her. I figured since it had roses on the dress that it all kinda went together. Definitely not my first choice, but they suffice.

I did have to cut the neck of the dress down because of a small hole in the sweater that I didn't notice till I got it home. I was quite nervous that I would really mess that up, but all went well.

And when you only spend a dollar on a dress, you don't care if your daughter runs around the farm in it and gets it dirty....

or if her older brother rough houses with her...although it would be nice if she could wear the stockings again!

So if you are looking for a sewing project, definitely check out Ashley's blog because her tutorial is great...

I wouldn't have been able to take the refashion plunge without it!


Kristen said...

...and it turned out sooo cute! You should be proud!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

The dress looks great! and I love the stockings too. Thats is one thing I never had a chance to do....dress up a little girl =D

Cynthia said...

Opps! Don't know where my comment went.

Anyway, she looks adorable! You did a wonderful job on the dress. Don't you love finding great ideas from other blogs? I've also been scared to cut into a sweater even though I want to turn an old one into a doll sweater for my little girl for Christmas. I just might try it now!

Also, I need your address as I have something for you. Will you e-mail it to be at