Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 - The Recap!

Thanksgiving morning, the kids and I stopped in to see my dad's mother. We lost my grandfather around this time last year so I know that she is particularly lonely around the holidays.

After visiting for awhile, we headed over to my grandparents farm (my mom's parents). Unforunately my grandmom on my mom's side recently was admitted to our local nursing home so this was a hard holiday for us, especially as her health continues to decline.

Here are my cute nephews roaming the farm.

My brother teasing Ally like Uncles have to do while my mom watches.

Me and my little miracle, Ally, hanging out after dinner.
Ally is named after my grandmother as a matter of fact. (-:

After dinner, we all went up and visited my grandmom in the nursing home.

Unforunately it seems her health continues to decline.

(Picture taken Christmas 2008)

Please say a little prayer for her in hopes that things will improve.

One thing that I am definitely thankful for in my life is that my children know my grandparents as if they were their own grandparents. They have seen them on a regular basis and that makes me very thankful to know that my grandparents have influenced them each in their own ways.

I hope everybody had a GREAT Thanksgiving...

there is certainly a lot to be thankful for! (-;

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