Friday, April 17, 2009

We are all so thankful....

Many of you are aware of this, but I know some of you might not have heard, and we have been starting to hear rumors of what happened that aren't true.

My stepson, Collin, was in a minor "fender bender" on Wednesday in his car. If you live around here, you know that the weather on Wednesday was horrible....tons of rain. It was a very dreary day.

Collin had stayed after school for a study group for an upcoming AP test. Because of a power outage in the area, including the school, the group had to disperse earlier than expected. One of the girls, a friend of his, needed a ride home so Collin agreed to take her home.

When Collin went to make a turn at an intersection, his car hydroplaned into an electrical box (not a telephone pole as we have been hearing) that controls the traffic light, pretty much destroying this box, and therefore the light no longer worked. Collin called us immediately unsure of what to do, and I told him to call 911. I had my husband rush up there as soon as I could get ahold of him since I was babysitting and he was closer since he was at work.

Thankfully neither Collin nor the passenger was hurt badly. The passenger has complained of a sore back, but she is feeling better as of today. Collin was really shook up...but he seems better, and we have been getting him back out driving before his fear increases...working him back into it slowly, but surely.

I spoke to the police officer first at the scene, and he feels this was definately related to the road conditions (the road was just repaved and slick plus we had a lot of rain that day on top of that).

His car was damaged, and the jury is out on just how bad that is....Collin is shaken, but physically fine.

Thanks to everyone who has shown concern! We appreciate your good thoughts and well wishes! (-:

We are all so thankful that no one was seriously injured....

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