Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Saturday

We tend to celebrate holidays for a whole weekend since both my mom and dad's families have large family gatherings. My mom's side typically does their celebrating on the Saturday nearest the holiday, while my dad's side always does the day of the holiday.

So to celebrate Easter with my mom's family, we had a delicious dinner at my grandparents farm. My Aunt and Uncle made a surprise appearance...we didn't think they would make it, but it was a GREAT surprise. It's always nice to have a good turnout!

Here is my daughter sucking up to my grandparents because they are allowing her to eat all the cheese she can stuff in her mouth. Aren't grandparents suppose to spoil their grandkids? They spoiled me so I can't complain!
(My grandma always let me and my brother have chocolate ice cream for breakfast with lots and lots of chocolate sprinkles whenever we spent the night...sssshhh, don't tell my parents!)

We did all the fun things that we usually do at my grandparent's farm like climb trees, and take walks. Okay, I didn't climb any trees this year...and I walked half of the "family" walk cause the wind was whipping.
My nephew, Colt, climbed a tree-like bush.

Ally walked the whole walk...or I should say, Ally made sure her daddy walked the whole walk so she could ride his shoulders if need be. As you can see the wind was getting to her too, but she was all about staying the course while her mom bolted away back to the refuge of the house.

Here is a picture of my sister in law with my youngest nephew James.

Sadly I got no pictures of Collin and his girlfriend as she didn't get there until late. Michael also dodged getting his picture taken, but I made up for that on Easter Day.
I also didn't get a picture of the "evil" sheep that Colt was talking about to his mom last night! Something he learned about at our get together! Hope he isn't having nightmares! (-:


Samkay said...

I did try my best to show up on time....But, my mom needed help with my grandmother running errands. It was fun tho, from what I was there for. :)

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Sounds like a really nice weekend! I love that your grandparents gave you ice cream for breakfast when you were little. That's totally what grandparent are about! So cute.
(I tagged you for a meme today)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Nothing wrong with celebrating a holiday for an entire weekend!! More yummy food and wonderful people to celebrate with. I love it!