Friday, April 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

Once Upon a time, there lived a beautiful little princess in a somewhat humble dwelling. Her mommy told her that today was a very special day...her daddy was born this day so it was his 39th Birthday. Princess Ally was very excited and asked if she might be able to bake her daddy a delicious cake?

"Sure", said her mommy, "He would love that!" Princess Ally picked out a chocolate cake just for him. "Chocolate is my daddy's favorite!!!" , she exclaimed. (it's actually not)
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The princess and her mommy added all the ingredients and even stirred in an extra helping of love to make the cake as tasty as possible. It was put in the oven, and the princess went outside with a little prince that was visiting that day and her daddy. They played and played and played outside in the gorgeous weather working up an appetite...meanwhile the mommy took the cakes out of the oven and left them on the stove so they could cool.

Awhile later, Daddy brought in the two young royals, but he proceeded past the kitchen to find the mommy while the two starving children marveled over the cake as it sat there looking so scrumptious. As soon as Daddy was out of view, the princess and her little prince friend decided it wouldn't hurt to dig out some of the middle of the cake....who would notice? After all, Ally did make the cake herself so it was technically her cake.

After more and more digging, the princess with her tummy full could no longer contain herself. She overheard her dad talking about pies, and ran out to join the conversation blurting out..."I just stuck my finger in the pie" obviously meaning the chocolate cake that was smeared across her face.

The little princess and her accomplice were banished from the kitchen kingdom forever and sent to reflect on how delicious that cake was what they did wrong!

Clearly it is better to beg forgiveness with full bellies than it is to ask permission!

(A motto the author of this story has been known to use frequently!)

And that extra special daddy was left without a birthday cake because the palace refrigerator was empty no more eggs.

So Daddy maybe you'll get a birthday cake made by your wife tomorrow because obviously today's cake was made for a
beautiful princess (who loves chocolate) and her handsome prince friend!

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Samkay said...

While the story is cute, it stinks that the princess and her accomplice ate his cake. I hope Fred's birthday was good otherwise!!