Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day Gift - Sorry I am late posting this..

I wanted the kids to give my mom a little something for Valentines Day. She came by to drop of little gifts to the kids so I thought she would enjoy getting back something in return.

I just picked up a cheap wood frame from the craft section at Walmart, and used some scrapbooking paper I had bought previously for the scrabble tile necklaces. Just modpodged the paper to the frame, put a couple more coats of mod podge on top and called it a day!

Just for the record, it wasn't as easy as I have made it sound...I did get some air bubbles that I tried to push out with a credit card. In doing so, the paper tore in some places...not horribly but enough to notice. But imperfections are often in homemade things, and I knew my mom would appreciate the thought so I didn't make a big deal out of it.

I got the kids together, and took a quick snapshot...framed the best one. It's as easy as that.

I had Michael make a potato stamp and stamp a brown paper bag for wrapping paper like we used to do in grade school. See I did learn something in grade school. Michael bucked tradition and went with green and black hearts...such a little rebel.

My mom was thrilled with her gift and it didn't cost much at all!

A great tutorial on how to do this project is found at Tidymom.

She has made several adorable frames! Check her out!


Me said...

Cute! The simple yet heart-felt gifts are ALWAYS the best!

Anonymous said...

That turned out really cute! I like that and it sounds easy to make. Perfect for me.

tidymom said...

Oh yours turned out ADORABLE!!! sorry about the bubbles, but you're right, mom's don't care about imperfections!! This is such a great and easy project and makes for such a nice gift - I have one ready to send out that I did for a baby gift and I put the baby's name on the frame with little letters I got at Michael's.


momma said...

so crafty - that is one thing i am NOT!!