Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playgroup Friday - Valentines Party

Let me start off with the cupcakes that I made for playgroup....a red velvet cupcake with almond icing topped with a milk chocolate heart. Mhmmm.

This is the first time I have made a chocolate topper, and it was super easy. Just pipe the shape on a parchment paper with melted chocolate, freeze, and poof...a chocolate heart. I love this idea cause I pretty much have chocolate on hand at all times so it is something I can pull together in a pinch!

Baby Ava's mom contributed some delicious pretzels coated with all things great! LOVED THEM!

Now on to the playing and educating....the older kids I babysit were off from school because of Presidents day so we were thrilled to have them participate. We even got one of them to read to the younger kids. It was very nice! This week we stressed the letter "E" so we read Dumbo (the Elephant) to the kids.

Of course we worked on our usual things during circle time, colors, shapes, alphabet, songs.

After circle time, we had a snack of the pretzels, handed out Valentines cards and worked on coloring an Elephant drawing while we waited for our pizza to arrive.

As usual, the kids had a great time....even if it didn't look like it...
This is Meeper's daughter...I love this girl, and she is going to love me when I pull this picture out when she is older. (-;


Shawn said...

Thanks for the tip on how to make the little chocolate pieces of cuteness.

I never thought I could do it, I guess I just assumed it would be too hard. Sounds easy enough!

momma said...

pretzel rods look so yummy!!!