Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Family Day

My hubby declared Sunday "family day" since he has been working 7 days a week for way too long. Of course this declaration was made prior to our washer quitting so that changed the whole day.

Fred and I spent the morning of "family day" parading the aisles of various stores looking for a new washer. Let me just explain to you how much this bummed us both out. We couldn't even torture drag the kids around the stores with us because they and the washer won't all fit in our durango. It was a major drag.

This is our 3rd purchase of a washer in 7 years. Me and washers just DO NOT get along. Fred says the reason for this is because I overload them. Well, what mom wouldn't????? Who wants to do 10 loads when you can do 5??? It's common sense people!!!

Anyway, I decided we should try a front load because I got washer and dryer are in the kitchen so I have been dying for a front load washer so I can put a counter top above it and disguise them. Plus maybe we'll have better luck with a front loader. ((wink, wink))

So without further adeui, here she is in all her glory....

So far, I LOVE IT!!! Okay, it has only been one day, but besides the durability, which of course, has yet to be determined, I love this machine! It is the best Valentine's Day present ever. Seriously. Okay. Not so serious, I've had much better. But I really do love it. And I am so happy my hubby bought it for me. And best of all, it was paid for in cash. Wouldn't Dave Ramsey be proud?

And guess what?? The washer actually saved family fun day...note my family gathered around it, watching it wash the first batch of clothes.


Who knew a washer could be SO entertaining!? (-;

My daughter can't get enough of it! I would have gotten a front loader along time ago if I knew it would mesmerize children under the age of 3.

Anyway, back to Family fun day...Fred let me chose any resturant of my choice. I chose Toscana's, a resturaunt which is famous for its wood fire pizza oven. No, we didn't have the pizza, but the Seafood Alfredo was delish. Seriously.
This is their seafood cheesecake. I know you either think that sounds awesome or want to puke right now. It was AWESOME!

Check out Michael...note his smile because in the very near future, he will be sporting braces.

And here is our giggly Collin, he couldn't stop laughing and didn't want me to get a picture of him smiling being the moody teenager that he is. So of course, I kept taking more and more pictures. I will not be stopped. Obstacles only strengthen my resolve.

Want to make a teenager smile? Ask him a stupid random how many eyelashes do I have? It is such a bizarre question, they can't help but laugh. See we keep the "fun" in family fun...even if it is just eating out. (-:

And why did I chose to go to Toscana's in the first place? Why I am glad that you asked!!! It is right next door to a Carvel Ice Cream Parlor. Imagine that! So of course, it wouldn't be a "fun" day unless we popped in there for some creative creations.

Allyson's love of ice cream is just as strong as mine. And guess what? She is sneaky just like her mamma. Everytime, Michael turned his head, she had a spoonful of his ice cream. A girl after my own heart.

We had a great time, and it was a really nice night especially with the weather cooperating. It was great to have the kids together because we all seem to be going in different directions these days. But what can you do? You just round up the clan and bring them back together for the day.

I think they secretly love it and don't we all love torturing our kids.



Samkay said...

YAY!! New washer!!! :) And it looks like they all had fun at the restaurant lol Ally is a smart girl to take Michael's ice cream. LOL

Denise said...

I love your new washer...and I would probably sit and watch it too. And we love Toscana too. Awesome pizza. That is all we have ever had from there but Im sure the other food is awesome too.