Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday Spring Fever!

This weekend the weather was beautiful! There is still a chill in the air, but we made it in the 50's and that made for a nice break from the 10's and 20's we had been in a few weeks back.

Friday night, Meeper and I went shopping for our baking supplies for our "free" cake decorating class. Ummm, it wasn't cheap..but you don't want to be caught without every single thing you need, right? Lucky we had 40% coupons for Michael's craft store...they saved the day!

On the way home, we went on a covert mission. I can only tell you that this mission was fun and exciting, and dangerous...but it included trash and free stuff...don't worry, I feel a "trashy" post coming on...but we'll save that for another time.

Saturday, I finally took my grandmom's Christmas tree down. I know I am seriously lagging in the "granddaughter of the year" competition...such is life. But my brother and I did take a joyride in their Volvo to charge the battery like good grandchildren should. I am sure my grandfather was so happy about that when my brother raced down the lane in it like we were on a prison break.

While we were on our joyride, my mom took my nephew and Allyson to see the bald eagle that lives in my grandparents woods.

Because of the nice weather, my brother thought it would be cool to let the kids ride their bikes at a local school. The pavement makes a nice practice area for we gathered up some youngsters and had a nice bike PowWow.

Colt is a "natural" on a bike...

his daddy is all about bike riding so he gets it honest.

This is my nephew, James, enjoying some fresh air.

This is my grandmom...she loves to watch the kids play so my mom drove her down for some fresh air, and entertainment.

Allyson was anti-bike took awhile for her to decide to ride, and even so she was against pedaling so my mom and my brother dragged her around. I think she is worried about stability and feels better if somebody is holding her up. She had a nasty spill on her bike in my kitchen after Christmas.

Hopefully we can get her riding this spring...(-:

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