Monday, February 9, 2009

Friday Playgroup

Friday we kick started our playgroup! We took a hiatus all of January, but now we are back in gear...the kids had a great time.
Aunt Jamie handled storytime so all the kids (all 11 of them, well minus my sleeping nephew) sat around and listened intently...there were a few wanderers, but some are young, and that is to be expected.

Baby Ava chilling in a pair of my nephew Colt's sun glasses. Colt loves babies!

This week was cool cause we had a donation of fabric remnants so the kids got to pick out a fabric seat to sit on for circle time...its better than sitting on construction paper. (-:

My nephew Colt sitting in circle time...

he usually sheilds his face when I take pics, but I got'em this time!

Baby Chase is now toddler Chase! That didn't take long. He is growing up so quick, and is quite the charmer. (-:

I think playgroup is going GREAT! The kids are learning so much more than just educational respect, direction following, social development to name a few. It has definately been very a huge benefit for my daughter. She has been singing a new song she learned all weekend long! I love it!

And this week is our BIG Valentine's extraganza...with cupcakes and other goodies. YUMMY! (-:

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Annette said...

So cute, It looks like it was a hit. The fabric is such a great way to help them stay in 'their Spot'.