Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old fashioned Fun - Ice Skating

After a week of 20 degree temperatures, my grandparent's pond was finally frozen solid enough for an afternoon of ice skating. So we gathered our families - my mom and dad, my brother Randy with his son Colt, Fred and I, with Collin, Michael and Ally. It was a well spent afternoon playing on the ice.
Ally and Colt had a great time being pulled around on the sleds. My brother, Randy, ice skated with the rope for the sled attached to his waist and Colt in the sled. Collin pulled Ally around on the other sled. They would go real fast and make quick 180 degree turns. The kids loved it!

Michael ice skated with my dad....he was a little nervous of falling, but he was getting the hang of it. Since we only go about once a year, he doesn't enough practice, but he did well considering. We are all eagerly anticipating the next time we will have a chance to go again. Last year, we went on a beautiful moonlit night, and had a bonfire. It is a great memory, and I am hoping we will get the opportunity to do it again this year!


Me said...

Its been over a decade since the last time I went ice skating..and I have never skated on an actual pond! How Cool!

Denise said...

My ankles hurt just thinking about it, lol....but it does look like you had fun.

Samkay said...

I hope it freezes to that point again soon!! I wanna go ice skating!! lol =] it looks like sooo much fun