Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes you have to think outside the box....Sledding (without snow)

Sometimes, winter weather is just not what you want it to be....

My brother and I have been patiently waiting and waiting to be able to take the kids sledding. And waiting and waiting....nothing....every now and again some flurries, but no accumulations we took it upon ourselves to create a different kind of sledding with no snow.

And guess what?! The kids loved it and they didn't get soaked like they usually do with "regular" sledding - an added bonus!

Fortunately we have my grandparents farm in all its splendor for these types of activities. So my brother hooked up the sled to the truck and off we rode (at a crawl) around the fields on the soft grass with sled in tow. The kids had a blast!

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box for family activities to get the kids out of the house, and my brothers idea to do this was ingenious! The kids had a blast, and got some fresh air!
Another added bonus....
finding my little one peacefully sleeping in the chair
after another exhausting day of fun!


Me said...

Who would have thought?! Love it!

Kristen said...

Awww, the picture of your tiny asleep is so precious. We got a ton of snow on Saturday, I wish I could give it to you because I don't love the cold!

Samkay said...

Haha that was a fun day. Even tho I was freezing in the bed of the truck. lol :)