Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

My hubby and I LOVE Christmas Eve as compared to any other part of the celebrations...and I think it is the anticipation of Christmas Day. The kids are always happy and excited with what will unfold, and we enjoy that time with them.

Christmas Eve we always go to my husband's Aunt's house. Aunt Sally is one of the sweetest people I know, always really into our kids, and we love that about her! Plus the last couple year's, her son and his family has been coming up from Georgia to spend Christmas with her. We love seeing them as they only come up twice a year so that is a gift in itself!
I didn't get a lot of pictures cause there was quite a bit of action with the 7 kids that were there....there were pillow fights, soda spills, wrestling, shoes flying! It was crazy fun!

We had a great time seeing Fred's side of the family! The kids enjoyed playing with each other, and maybe we will see Fred's cousin this spring if we go to Georgia for Collin's robotics.


After Aunt Sally's house, it was off to my brother's house for the next celebration! My grandparents were there as well as my parents, and of course my brother and his family
The kids were so excited, and had so much fun...Colt got a Thomas Train so the kids spent time with their Grandpop putting that together.

Fred and I got my nephew Colt a remote control helicopter, and I was so happy that he loved it. They had a great time flying it into the ceiling. I am not sure who loved it more Colt or his dad....but I know Colt likes it because he was telling me all about it the other day when I saw him again!

Ally got pajamas from her grandmom so we put her in them as it was getting late. She also got ear warmers. Colt and Ally both had the best time running around with their ear warmers on after they got in their pajamas! They went from tired to hyper cause of ear warmers. I wish that worked for me!

So it was a long day, but definately a great one!!! When we got home, Ally was wide awake so we went outside and sprinkled our reindeer food (oats and glitter) on the lawn.

And guess what? We forgot the cookies for Santa! How did that happen? But he still came.....I guess he didn't have a choice cause those reindeer were after their food. (-;

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