Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day Recap

So all the planning, shopping, wrapping leads right up to the biggest day of the year!!! And Santa didn't disappoint this year!

My parents came over at 8AM to watch the kids open their gifts. Michael got up before we did, but Ally and Collin had to be woken up. This is just an amazement to me cause my brother and I were always waking my parents up at 4Am on Christmas morning!!

Ally was kinda groggy for a few minutes, but once she realized that there were presents under the tree for her, she snapped out of it pretty quick!

Ally got a big box of princess dresses, and she was six pairs of princess shoes...which I think was her favorite gift. The girl has a thing for shoes! She also got a bike so she can go riding with her cousin Colt. And check this out, the bike has a baby carrier so she can take along a baby! Mr. Clause thought that would be an awesome idea!

Michael's big gift this year was Rockband for his Wii....and I love it!! Within an hour, we were rocking out. Michael on drums, Collin on the guitar, me on vocals! Even grandmom (my mom) was getting into the action! It's been a lot of fun!

By the way, thanks to my husband for getting that ultra awful picture of me!

This year was a special year cause it was the very first time that Collin was with us on a Christmas morning! Fred and I didn't have that emptiness that our family was incomplete this year like we normally do, and we were so thankful for that!

Collin's big gift this year was a GPS for his car. He takes his driving test in January, and we figure this way he will never have the excuse of being lost if he is late for curfew. (-;

Here he is trying to figure out what is in the box. He was pretty happy, and already has been using it when we have been out and about! We think it will come in handy for him!
Fred got an awesome Waffle maker from my parents for Christmas so he made up some for breakfast, and I did an overnight french toast casserole.


In the afternoon of Christmas day, we went to my Aunt Donna's for Christmas Day, and there was a big void. This is the side of the family that just lost my grandfather in the month of December so it was sad not having him there. )-:

But nonetheless, we got through it, and had a delicious dinner. Ham with tomato gravy (my personal favorite gravy), and lots of yummy foods...including lima beans from my grandfather's garden!

My cousin and I tried to round up the great grandkids for a family didn't go too well. My daughter was crying her eyes out, and trying to get all the kids to look at once is.....CHALLENGING! Not to mention a plane was flying above us so most of the kids looked up and pointed... (-:

After a grand time at my Aunts, it was time to begin the next leg of our journey!


After dinner at my Aunt's house, it was off to Fred's parents house for another dinner of Ham and gift opening.


After dinner with Fred's parents, we were off to my brothers for a game night with my cousins! I bought the newlywed game a few weeks ago and have been patiently waiting for a night to play it. My cousin, Laura, with her husband, Chris were in from California so we pulled together a game night on the only night they had available. It was my brother and his wife, Jamie; my cousin Shannon and her husband, Jeff; Fred and I; and my cousin Laura and her husband, Chris.

We had tons of fun with the crazy questions from the Newlywed game. I think Shannon and Jeff won both times! It is so nice to get around other adults after being around kids all the time so I expect game night is going to become a monthly thing, we'll see!

Ally didn't last too long at my brothers so we didn't stay as long as we liked, but I was getting tired too so we left before everybody else! And I didn't get one picture cause frankly I had was too exhausted after such a long day!

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Samkay said...

Haha smart gift. I just hope that I get one when I get my car. Hahah. When is his curfew anyway?? lol