Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walk of Lights

Saturday night we went on our traditional journey to the walk of lights. There is a small "village" of stores that are about a half hour away from our house, and each December, they put on the "Walk of Lights", where lights adorn the walkways and trees.

Besides the lights, they have a "live" Nativity as well as an outdoor movie. Those poor kids had to be freezing!

But best of all, Santa and Mrs. Claus spend their evenings there to see all the little boys and girls.
Ally was very excited to visit Santa. Before we left, she told me that she was going to take her reindeer (from her "santa" package), and give it back to Santa. Ummm, okay? Not sure how that got in her head, but she was determined.
So off we went to the walk of lights, reindeer in hand. It was a frigid night so we started right off to see Santa.
Ally went right up to him and sat in his as excited as she was, she suddenly became shy, and wouldn't speak, but she wasn't afraid of him so at least I got pictures.
Note the fingers in the mouth, and the "I don't see you" gaze. She wouldn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas, and she also didn't give the reindeer back while she was on his lap.

However, once she got off his lap, she became a chatter box telling me how we have to give the reindeer back. Santa told her that she could keep the reindeer, that it was a gift from him so she doesn't have to give it back. Thanks Santa!

Of course I had to torture Collin and Michael with a picture with Santa.
It's tradition!

After the walk of lights, we took the kids out to a nice dinner at an Italian Restaurant. We also had Collin's girlfriend, Sam with us so it was a nice treat! She has been gracious as we have drug her around from tradition to tradition, and she fits right in with our family so we love having her around. Ally really is getting attached to her, she talks about her at least once a day!

She won't be around for Christmas cause she will be visiting her dad and we are going to miss her, but probably not as much as Collin will! (-:


Denise said...

I love the group picture...thats cool that you still have Michael and Collin sit with Santa.

Samkay said...

Haha the traditions really don't bother me anymore. =] It was lots of fun. lol