Saturday, December 13, 2008

A nice moonlit night!

My brother and his son, along with me and the kids, went to my grandparents farm to put up their Christmas tree last night. We turned it into a little pizza party and some fun times with my grandmom! My grandfather had a stroke last year so things have been hard on my grandmom caring for him so we like to brighten her day! (These are my mom's parents)

I don't think that I have mentioned on here that I take care of my grandparents. Every Tuesday, I spend the day with my grandparents cleaning their house, running their errands or taking them for their bloodwork. One of my cousins, Penny, graciously helps me handle everything most Tuesdays, and I so appreciate it especially since I generally take my 2 year old!!!

I also need to throw a thank you to my cousin Shannon cause on days when we have a lot of things to get done for my grandparents and Penny isn't available, Shannon watches Ally for me. But those days are few and far cause my grandmom gets upset if she doesn't get to see Ally.

I also spend most of my Saturdays over their farm as well with my mom and my brother getting other things done around the house and farm. Sometimes I run them to appointments other days that they need me or I go do odds and ends as they come up during the week. It keeps me busy, but my grandmom has done so much for me that I feel this is the least that I can do so they can keep their farm...after all I enjoy the farm as much as they do!

The kids love to clean my grandparents house. Ally has spent so many hours watching me do it that she feels like she needs to help! Colt and Ally love to sweep, we even bought special brooms for each of them!

So last night we had the kids put up the tree and decorate it while I wrapped all the gifts, and filled out cards for her.

So this is the funny many people does it take to assemble a tree? I put this tree up by myself a lot of years, and it doesn't usually take nearly as long as it took the tree was already assembled upstairs so I am not sure what went wrong?

While I was wrapping gifts, my brother asked me to take a walk with him and the kids since the moon was so bright. I finished up and we convinced my grandmom to go with us!
This isn't the greatest picture, but I wanted to show how dedicated we are to my grandmom. My brother is putting on her shoes for her. She has arthristis and it is hard for her to move let alone do normal things like putting shoes on.

My brother likes to make my grandmom giggle so he is always doing little things to her to make her feel special. Like putting on her hat over her face....grandmom starts giggling and just can't stop! The kids thought it was funny too!

It was so cold, but so worth it! The moon had lit everything up, it was like a different world. We walked down to my grandparents pond, and it was so beautiful with the shimmering moonlight glistening on it. What a perfect night and a wonderful memory!

I know time with my grandmom is going to come to an end soon, she is having some health issues that I am not ready to divulge so since she is one of my best friends, I have to etch these memories into my mind forever....


The Leijte's in Vegas said...

Such beautiful memories for you and your family. I love that you help them when you can, that is a rare thing these days. It looks like your grandparents really enjoyed the visit, and yes, the MOON was amazing!

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I think it wonderful all the family memories you are making with your kids! It is so rare that people take care of there family any more, good on you! Yes the moon was amazing on my end as well.

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

Sorry i wrote you twice, I forgot you have to approve it, I did not think it went thru. DUH

Jillene said...

You are so sweet!! I wish I still had a grandma or a grandpa.

Annette said...

I love getting a glimpse into your country life. Are you for real? you are so awesome and loving and caring. You are constantly going and doing! I love it. I think you are the best! your grandparents are so blessed to have you and your family around. Thats the way life should be!