Friday, December 12, 2008


Awhile ago, I saw a post on somebody's blog about sending the kids a package from Santa with an elf inside. The elf was sent to "watch" the kids and report back nightly to Santa (via its magical powers) how well the children behave. I am sorry I don't remember whose blog it was, but I sure wish I did cause it is a great idea! So it was your idea, leave me a comment so I can surely give you credit!

A friend of mine had given me some nice big envelopes which are perfect for this project. I spent this morning stamping the front to make it look officially from the North Pole. Lucky for me, Allyson slept until 10:15 so I got it finished before she wandered down from bed. I also stamped our last name and address, but for obvious reasons, I am not going to post that!

I used my cricut to cut a vinyl reindeer to attach to the envelope. I just got a new program (Sure Cuts A Lot) for my cricut and it is opening up a whole new world to me without having to buy a million cartridges to get what I want to cut! Love it!

I typed up a letter from Santa and Mrs. Claus, and again for obvious reasons, I used photoshop to take our last name out. I also included a couple books for the boys to read to Allyson.

I looked all around last weekend for an elf, but cute elves are hard to find. I honestly could barely find an elf, and if I did, they were either outrageously priced or outrageously ugly. So while I ran my grandmom to the doctors the other day, I had a chance to run into Walmart, and I found an inexpensive reindeer for $3. He's perfect for this so he is going to magically fly back to the north pole each night for reporting duties.

So that is my "super secret santa surprise"! I used to send letters to the boys from Santa, but I loved this idea. Of course, the boys are too old for this, but I included them, and they have been forewarned that they better be excited!!! This is the first Christmas that Allyson is really starting to understand and I think she is going to be so excited when this package arrives. I'll post pictures...I am trying to plan it out for Saturday so my hubby can be here to see Ally's expression.

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The Leijte's in Vegas said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea, I can not wait to do that for my son when he is older! I love tradition's and need to some new one's for my new family. Love you r blog, and can not wait to start working on mine and getting it up to par..