Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Princess in her Tutu!

One of the "homemade" gifts I made for my daughter this year is a tutu. My cousin tried to sell some snowflake tulle at a yardsale this summer, and I snatched it up (for free). I had no idea what I would use it for, but I saw a few children tutu's during my online travels. I figured it would give her another little something under the tree and use up this fabric taking up space! A win for both of us!

This is a super easy project that you can sew or not's really up to you. I did sew the elastic because I want Ally to be able to do it on her own. If you didn't want to sew it, you can always just tie it.
Basically you just take the elastic that you are using before sewing it to make the waist, tie it to two chairs - in my case the refrigerator door handle and the cabinet handle. Cut your tulle in 4 inch strips the width of the tulle. Tie the tulle around the elastic in the middle of the strip of tulle. Repeat this over and over again! I am not sure how much tulle I had, maybe 4 yards?
Once I had it all tied on the elastic, I put the elastic around my daughter's waist to measure her size and sewed it slightly smaller so it expand when she put is on. I don't want it falling off.
I tried it on her, I think it needs to be shortened so I am going to go cut jagged ends on it, but not too short cause I want her to be able to wear it over the next couple years.
So if you have young girls, this might be a project for you! Tulle is pretty inexpensive here, and my daughter loves the tutu. She only wore it for a minute to get the picture and I told her it was for Christmas so I'll put it away and it will be a special gift from mommy. Since she is getting princess dresses (from yardsales) for christmas, and princess shoes (from BJ's), I know this will be a nice addition to her dress up wardrobe!
So you think her ruby slippers will go well with this??? (-:


The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I love that you are so crafty! That is such a cute tutu, and she looks darling in it, I am sure other bloggers with little gils will be all over it, I would if I had girl's.. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you get a little something special from Santa!! You so deserve it.

Samkay said...

awwwww she looks adorable in it!!! =]

haha she can definitely pull off the tutu and red Dorthy slippers. =] lol