Thursday, December 18, 2008

~To Sam~

Some people get letters, some get texts, some get emails.....and I get arm-grams.

My stepson's girlfriend, Sam, started sending me messages via Collin's arm awhile ago. I think it all started when I said to Collin, can't you get ink poisoning from that? Next thing I know the messages started being directed to me....

So Sam here is the big reply....cause I just can't make myself write on your boyfriend's arm... (-;

We'll miss you too!!! And I need to catch up with you cause I made you a gift. We'll be up your way on Sunday night, maybe I'll catch up with you then.

And Ally is going to miss you too. )-:


Kristen said...

Okay that is just funny. I have never heard of someone doing that but it is a very clever way to communicate!

Samkay said...

haha ok, it really all started during tutoring one day. lol And you see, I was drawing on his arm. Cuz I was bored and Zach (the kid we tutor when he decides to show up) was working on the problem. So, I'm drawing away, and that's when Collin told me that you said something about how I am always drawing on his arm. haha and I immediately stopped cuz I didn't want him to get in trouble. But, somehow, he convinced me to start drawing again. And that's when I started writing you messages. haha XD

You didn't really make me a gift, did you?? And I know that Sunday I think during the afternoon we are celebrating Christmas since we leave on Tuesday. I dunno exactly when we are celebrating tho. lol But it should be fine if you wanna stop by during our celebration. Haha. =]