Monday, December 1, 2008

I'll be home for can count on me!

Biggie is back just in time for the Holidays!!

So our cat, Bigfoot, took an extended vacation, and every night we'd hear him meowing around 10pm. So every night, my whole family would go out with flashlights, and we'd try to chase him down to no avail. We tried food, and some tender calling of his name. He wasn't coming to us, no way, no how. We're not bad owners, I promise, but he just wasn't ready to return.

So Friday afternoon, my mom came over and said she'd help us track him down. Fred knew he was taking up residence under my neighbor's shed so operation "Biggie" came into play.

Fred took the leaf blower and freaked him out enough for him to run out from under the shed right where my mom and I were waiting for him. We grabbed him and held him down until Fred could pick him up so I am happy to report that Bigfoot or "Biggie" as he is commonly known, has returned just in time for the holidays. And he is very happy about that. He has been purring, and eating, and loving on us.


Annette said...

So glad you biggie came back after going AWOL! Is he nutered? Could be why he was out prowling.

Kristen said...

Why would he want to sleep where he was when he could be in a nice warm house? I swear I don't understand animals (or my kids) sometimes.

Samkay said...

YAY!!!!!! I actually saw Bigfoot on Saturday. He was sitting right in front of the TV most of the time. Haha