Monday, December 1, 2008

Collin's Birthday Weekend Phase 2

Since my sister in law, Jen and her family couldn't make it out with us on Saturday, they came over last night for phase 2 of Collin's birthday celebration.

For Collin's birthday cake, I decided to try a new concoction. I had seen a peanut butter ice cream "pie" on some body's blog, I can't remember whose at this point. It didn't have directions, but I decided to try my hand at it.
I sent hubby to the store for ingredients...vanilla bean ice cream, peanut butter, and some Reese's peanut butter cups. I took the less than half gallon container of vanilla bean ice cream, and put it in the Kitchen Aide mixer. Added a half jar of the peanut butter, along with some of the chopped up Reese's from Halloween. Mixed it well, it really mixes better after it softens. (-:

At this point, Collin started lurking and we had a taste test. I thought it was a bit rich, but Collin thought it was just right. Funny, how the kids always lurk when there is food involved.

I then poured it into a foil pie tin, and smoothed it out. I cut a bunch of Reese's in half and tried to make it look presentable by putting them around the pie tin on top of the ice cream. I added a whole one in the middle. I took more chopped up Reese's and sprinkled them on top. I knew it needed some chocolate, which I didn't with Collin's permission, I took some of his advent candy, melted it and drizzled it on top. YUMMY! It turned out really good, I think I would probably lessen the peanut butter a little because it was a little too rich for my taste, but it was pretty good. Kinda reminded me of the Peanut Butter sundaes we get from Richmonds Ice Cream once in awhile. I made another cake just in case everybody wasn't into the ice cream cake. I just used a box cake, but made my grandma's fluffy white icing, I think I need practice with it, but it is super yummy and sweet. And now that the party is over, I'll add butterfingers to the top of it today so the kids can have it for an after school snack tomorrow.

So today Collin is the big 17. Remember what it was like to be 17? Ahh, the things I would do if I had it all to do again!
Collin goes with his mom tonight to celebrate yet again...And just in case any of you haven't figured it out yet....Collin's mom has a blog too. Her name is Denise and she blog at Sunflowers, Chocolate and little boys.

And yes, just for the record, we do get along. (-;


Jillene said...

How awesome! When I started reading this I thought about Denise and then I put 2 and 2 together!! I am glad that you get a long--it makes it really nice!!

The ice cream cake/pie looks DELISH!!

Samkay said...

You wanna save some of the cake for me?? Haha. Or have Collin bring me some tomorrow?? haha!! Just kidding. I bet it tastes awesome.