Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The cricut meets the jewelry box....

This Christmas I suggested to my mom to get Allyson a jewelry box for a Christmas present. I wandered around online trying to see if I could find something inexpensive, but functional for a 2 year old.

Then I saw these at Pottery Barn Kids, and fell in love. Perfect for my daughter, but way overpriced in my opinion.

So on my next trip to Walmart, I found these inexpensive jewelry boxes, minus the ballerina, that would be perfect to revamp. They were $10, and begging for a makeover. I got two, one for my cousin's daughter's 4th birthday and one for my daughter.
I took out the mats, bought some princess paper (my cousin's daughter is really into princesses) and glued the letters to the paper...I was out of white vinyl or I would have used that and put it directly on the glass.

So here is the one for my cousin's daughter (who is probably my cousin too, but calls me Aunt :-)
I put a Disney necklace and ring in it for her to have when she opened it, and I put it in a pretty snowflake gift bag. Her mom tells me that today she has went on and on about the snowflake bag. KIDS! :-)
I still have to work on Ally's so I will post that when I get it done...

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Nicole said...

We Love it Thanks! Someone told Kara how lovely her necklace was today while we were out and she told them "It's not a necklace it's a locket that Aunt Tonya gave me for Disney." Kids these days is right...ugh