Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Tree of Thanks!

Today the kids had a half day of school....that one statement says A LOT! It was total chaos after they got home! My house went from wrecked to worse in a matter of minutes. It was time for some action so off we went to work on a project.

The project for today was the "Tree of Thanks". This is something I have done randomly with my kids different years. I cut out a tree while the kids worked on creating leaves. On the leaves, they wrote various things that they are thankful about.
Sorry, not the best picture of our tree, but it is on my basement door in our little hallway so I couldn't get the right angle for the best effect.

Ally put that she was thankful for her mommy and Kira - she was coached for sure by the others- I know without a doubt she would have said her daddy if she had a clue as to what was going on. Michael was thankful for candy...everybody that knows Michael knows that he will spend every last dime on candy. Collin asked that I not put what he was thankful for so I am honoring his wishes so I'll leave that up to your imaginations!

Things went from chaos to mellow rather quickly. I had to laugh at some of their thoughts. One of the kids was thankful for water. I thought that was cute! Most of them put family, friends, love, food...pretty basic stuff. Another one put toys...go figure! We had a pretty good time working on this project. I thought they did a good job on the leaves...the tree wasn't so great, but that was my fault. Live and learn...live and learn.


Denise said...

I think the tree is cute...and I bet I can guess what Collin is thankful for! The other day we were talking about being thankful and when I asked JP he told me he was thankful for ME! I almost cried, it was so sweet. Everytime Collin did those types of projects he was always thankful for videogames, ROFL

Jillene said...

What a great idea!!

Annette said...

You have the best ideas. So going to steal this one too. I am going to do it with the kids right now!{okay when I am off the computer, so 30 min.} thanks.. are you sure you don't home school? You could you know. I am sure your Public Schools are so much better over there!

Samkay said...

Oooo what did Collin say he's thankful for?? Haha I say you don't listen to what he said and you tell anyway. Haha. XD