Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homemade Belts

My sister in law, Jamie and I were talking about children's belts not too long ago so this post is for you, Jamie!

I was spending hours scouring my usual blogs when I came across a tutorial on how to make super easy belts on Rachel's website.

So I thought these would make the perfect gift for my little girl to open at christmas, although I will probably give her one today. I know, not too exciting, but it is a very tight christmas this year, and she really gets excited about little things like these!

All you need is ribbon, one inch metal D rings and a sewing machine. Walmart actually sells a black plastic click buckle that would work perfect for a boy, I might try one of them next, but I don't know what the price of them is. I am telling you the hardest part of this whole project is getting out the sewing machine!
This is a 5 minute project, and super cheap. Our Walmart carries a 4 pack of the D rings for 78 cents. A roll of 9 yards of ribbon was $1.97. I can make 4 belts from a roll of ribbon so I would need 2 packs of D rings. I didn't count the cost of the thread cause I always have that around. So making four belts at those price would make each belt cost about 88 cents. I don't know anywhere I could get a belt for that price! I found some of these for sale on a website for $12. a piece for a toddler. They also make them for adults so I might try my hand at that. They would look cute with a Christmas ribbon. If you need a tutorial, Rachel's is perfect so I am not even going to go there!


Jillene said...

What a CUTE idea!!

Annette said...

Oh, My HECK {can you tell I'm from UTAH} Anywhoo, I am so all over this idea. What a cute gift for all my girls little friends! SO GOSH DANG FETCH'N Cute! Thank you so much for the clever, clever craft! you do the such clever things.

Denise said...

Very cute! how did she like the one you gave her today?