Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday on the Farm

Every Saturday that we are not commited to other activities, we inevitably end up at my grandparents farm. It is always a treat to play on the farm! I have the best memories of being at both of my grandparents farms, and now I get to make memories with my kids on the farm. Love it!

This weekend, my brother was finishing up splitting some wood from a tree that had fallen over the lane leading to the farm. My grandparents don't burn wood anymore so my brother is able to use it in his fireplace this winter. What a blessing for him and my sister in law!

When my sister in law and I started loading the wagon, my nephew Colt joined in on the fun and started helping his dad load the wood. My brother always has Colt working with him, and Colt is always eager to help his daddy out when he can! He is such a cutie!

Before I walked up to my van and got the camera, the kids had been "muddin" in a mudpuddle....of course, by the time I backed my brother's truck with the trailer down the lane that had ended!

Can you remember when every mud puddle was an adventure? I actually can remember playing in mud puddles at Eagle Island when I was little while waiting for my mom to come out so we could go somehwhere. I bet she was happy- That part I chose not to remember. LOL

We used to have a huge pothole that filled up everytime it rained and it was the best for playing in, we even took out toy boats to float in it. And when there wasn't mudpuddles, there was the ditches in the meadow, but that is a post for a different day!

Every kid deserves a day to play in the mud...even if they only have their new white shoes on. Let'em have some're letting them make memories and their giggles will stay with you a lifetime!


Jillene said...

How about parents? Can we play in the mud too?

Annette said...

I agree- I grew up in the city and I have many memories of playing in the gutters after a rain storm! That was so fun! When it would rain we would start building boats anything we could get our hands on. All the kids in the neighborhood would end up outside. We would build dams and get soaking wet. Thanks for inspiring me to reminisce! Love your sweet little BLOG! You sound like a real good mommy.

Tonya said...

OH YES! Parents can go "muddin" too! We can't let the kids have ALL the fun!

Thanks Annette for your kind comment! I love to reminisce too!

Denise said...

These pics are adorable. Looks like Ally was having the most fun. And Thanks again for letting me borrow Collin today!