Sunday, October 12, 2008


So Saturday, my stepson's team competed in the Duel on the Delaware, and they did awesome! Collin was finally robocoach ~ meaning he has limited drive capabilities in the first 15 seconds of the competition. This made things a bit more exciting for us! We were so proud of him, he did great!

In qualifying they were ranked #4 which was quite a accomplishment! Then in the afternoon competition, they made it to the quarter finals. Unforunately in the afternoon, they had some mishaps which caused a part of their robot to keep breaking.

This is how things are suppose to go....

and this is how they went....

causing things to this hoop.

We were so happy for them to place so high at an event which they hosted. They did an excellent job, and I am so happy for them!
As for volunteering at the concession stand, it wasn't so bad. My sister in law and niece helped out so it was fun hanging out with them for the day. The other moms are great too, there aren't many moms on our team now cause a lot of the kids are siblings so we were grateful for my sister in law and niece helping out. My sister in law is great at helping out when I need her, and she has definately been a lifesaver too many times to count, and I appreciate that. :-)
Our 11-1 shift turned into a 11 till 6 shift so I was dead tired when I got home, but they made a lot of money and it is for a good cause so its all good!

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