Saturday, October 11, 2008

Duel on the Delaware

My stepson, Collin, is on a local robotics team....and today is the Duel on the Delaware. The Duel on the Delaware is a competition where over 30 teams bring their custom made robots and compete in a tournament. It is pretty exciting stuff!

My family has been able to travel to places we might not have chosen if it weren't for these competitions....Rochester, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, PA...Wherever we end up, we have been able to incorporate a family vacation as well as traveling with our robotics team, and that has been awesome! We took Michael and Ally to the Children's museum in Rochester, visited family in Atlanta, and showed the kids South Street and Penns Landing in Philly.

Here is a picture of the 2008 robot in action that
was developed by my stepson's team.

So today, we will be the proud parents yet again, cheering on the team and hoping for a win. I'll be working the concession stand for a couple hours, along with my sister in law and niece, so the team can try to make some money towards some of their competitions.

This is a picture of Collin with Michael and Ally at the Rochester competition. When we arrived, we were astonished that Collin actually allowed
someone to do that to his hair. LOL.
Even Ally was a little unsure about the "statue of Liberty" look. But never fear, his team will never do that to his hair again for Collin was the most miserable, brooding child that day, and they were begging him to take a shower to rinse all that hairspray out. He did leave it like that ALL DAY LONG, but Collin made sure his team paid the price! They learned their lesson, and now they won't ever do that again!

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Samkay said...

Ohhh that's what YOU think! Haha We've already told him more than once that he is going to have his hair gelled again. Even I have to do it myself, it will be done. XD