Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 86th Birthday Grandmom!

Today we celebrated one of my grandmom's 86th birthday....
I am 34 and all four of my grandparents are still alive!! How awesome is that? My kids know my grandparents as "their" grandparents, and they will actually have concrete memories of them. I think that is pretty awesome cause I only really have memories of a couple of my great grandparents. And even better, we live within 5 miles of both sets of my grandparents so we see them pretty regularly!

So Sunday a party was held in the honor of my grandmom's birthday and incorporated into her birthday party was a pumpkin contest for all the great grandkids. Each great grandchild was to bring a decorated pumpkin through a side door so it could be "judged" by grandmom and jury. The kids were so has been a long time since my grandmom had such a contest. When I first starting dating my husband, I remember my stepson, husband and I carved a T-rex on a pumpkin....that is the last pumpkin party that I can recall so it has been a very long time, much too long.

Unforunately, we had a full schedule this weekend with the Duel, and then a visit from my in-laws Sunday afternoon so pumpkin decorating got tabled until about an hour before we had to be at the party. NO PRESSURE! The boys took off to do their own pumpkins searching the web for the trendiest idea.

Allyson on the other hand loved saying "pumpkin party" 93 times, but was not at all interested in doing anything with a pumpkin. So knowing we could not show up empty handed, I ran to the attic, found Michael's Frankenstein mask, and viola....Allyson's pumpkin is decorated.

Collin's darth vader pumpkin, Michael's crazy pumpkin and Ally's easy pumpkin

The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, but unforunately Allyson's lack of naps for the past couple days caught up to us during the party...and we could not stay as long as we planned.
We left after this picture was taken...note the girl screaming her yea, that is my lovely little daughter!

By the way, the glasses were prizes cause at this party, everybody was a winner! Michael got most original for his silly pumpkin that had happy birthday carved into the back. Collin and Ally both got "scariest" pumpkin. The kids had a great time, and yet another awesome family memory!


Liz said...

That's so sweet about your grandmother. I remember my great-grandmother and have always been thankful for that.

The pumpkins look great, they made me smile. ;)

Sandy Toes said...

Happy birthday to your grandmother! She looks so sweet!
-Sandy Toes