Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Picking and ICE CREAM!! Can it get any better?

This week we went apple picking with my cousin and her kids...Allyson was so excited, especially to see her cousins!
Apple picking was even more special this year cause it was the first time that we got to take Baby Ava with us. Baby Ava is a beautiful little baby girl that I have the pleasure of watching while her mother works.

You are never too young for apple picking!

We headed over to the orchard and we watched the kids marvel over all the apples. Ally watched the other kids pick apples for awhile, then she decided she wanted to get one for Collin, one for Michael and one for Ally.

Hill Creek Farms was really nice, well kept...there weren't a lot of rotten apples laying on the ground so that avoided a lot of the problems with bees. But we did miss having our apple cider donuts and apple cider at our usual apple picking market. I think we might just make a small trip over there next week just for an outing with the kids and some of those sweet donuts...they are amazing! Hill Creek is suppose to build a barn with a bakery, produce and crafts so I am looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

We left the orchard and then moved on to the highlight of the day...FRIENDLYS. Okay, maybe not the highlight for the kids, but for me! If anybody knows me, they know that we went to Friendly's more for me than the kids. I LOVE ICE CREAM! All the kids were really well behaved during lunch, and we recieved many compliments from the waitstaff and patrons ...particularly an older couple sitting near us.

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We got A LOT of apples and now I really need to start using them up! It was a great day outside and since it was Baby Ava's first time apple picking, it made the day even sweeter! Happy Fall!

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Nicole said...

It looks like you had a grande better get baking with those apples...I'm ready to go back for more!