Friday, October 17, 2008


My 2 year old recently made the "big" move from her crib to a twin bed. At first it was more traumatic for little girl already 2 has really grown up so fast...but try as I may, I can't stop her from getting bigger. Then after 3 nights of falling out of bed, it became more traumatic for her. We have solved that with a bed rail. And yes, I would have solved that sooner than 3 nights if our lovely Walmart carried anything useful. :-)

After probably about a month now of being in her new bed, today she decided at naptime that she only had to stay in her bed about 20 minutes. I hear the pitter patter of her feet in the hallway upstairs, and then the thumps as she walks down the steps. I go to the steps, and tell her in my sternest voice to get back in bed for her nap. "Mommy, I not in ttttrrrrouble anymore...I not". Translation - "nap is over". So back up the steps, back into bed with a stern warning that she better stay there. I will win this battle....LOL.

So I go back to the kitchen to make some cookies and I suddenly hear her singing her little heart out as LOUD as can be....WE WILL, WE WILL....ROCK has been taught to her by her brother Michael.

I poor husband is on overnight work this week so now while he sleeps across the hall from her, he is being serenaded. But everybody loves a lullaby, right? And we all need entertainment while baking! What can I say? She stayed in bed as I asked...I won the battle today, we'll see what tomorrow brings....

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Nicole said...

She really is a miny mommy! She acts just like you!