Friday, October 17, 2008

Yummy Cookies....

Tomorrow I am going to a family reunion so since I am definately not skilled in the cooking department, I decided that I would bake and take some cookies as my contribution. Baking is my new found love. I've always enjoyed it, but now with the kids, I love making things they will enjoy...and its even better when they are around to help! A great family activity.

On this particular day though, I alone made my chocolate chip cookies. I had to make a double batch, one for my family and one for the reunion so while they baked, I took my cookie jar to the next level, courtesy of my Cricut. I love that thing, especially now that I have used the vinyl to make sayings.

Majority of the time, my baked goods are "yummy", but yes, we all have those times where they get a little overdone. I admit that I have a short attention span, and 9 minutes is a long time for me to stay focused on one task. Therefore my strategy is that if I put "yummy" on the cookie jar, the family will see it when they go for a cookie, and then they will "think" it. But I have no worries, the kids are usually so happy to have a sugary snack, they don't care if they are burnt.

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Nicole said...

I love the cookie jar...LOL