Saturday, October 25, 2008


My stepson, Collin, has to raise $800 in funds to be on his robotics team. This money goes towards traveling expenses and competition fees. So Fred and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out ideas for Collin to raise this money.

We spent last night making caramel apples and chocolate lollipops to sell at the soccer concession stand! What a task! But at least I got to spend some quality time with all three kids. We made it a family event (Fred had to work though) so it is always fun to teach the kids some new things!

Michael washed the apples, Collin stirred the caramel, and I dipped the apples! Ally stood on the stool and watched, proclaiming over and over..."I don't like appplllleeesss! I like LOLLIPOPS!". She has an opinion on everything!

In between dipping apples and melting caramel, we also made a bunch of chocolate lollipops in the one mold we had. It took a long time to make 4 bags worth of chocolate in one candy mold, but Collin finished it up late last night!

Thanks to my cousin Shannon for letting us borrow the mold and a small crockpot, and many thanks to my sister-in-law Jen for selling them for us at the concession stand!

This is only a prelude as to what is to come cause on Halloween day, we are doing a bake sale in front of a local convenience store....and that is going to be tons of fun! (-;

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Nicole said...

Well they look like they turned out pretty good...How did they sell?