Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Sumo Wrestling

Yes, you got that right...on my Sunday, there was Sumo a soccer game...go figure.
Luckily I wasn't Sumo Wrestling...that might have been even crazier. But I got to say it was pretty funny anyways watching my neice and her friend Sumo Wrestle and then my stepson and his girlfriend duel till their demise.

First off, let's start with Michael's soccer game...

Michael had a hard time, he got pushed several times by the other team. He played his little heart out, but in the end his team lost. )-:

During the soccer games at our local school, the 8th grade class is trying to raise money for their class trip so they had put up some bouncy things. In addition to the bounce house, an inflatable slide, an inflatable soccer field...there were also these Sumo Wrestling outfits so you and your "friend" could duel it out.

My sister in law who graciously volunteers at the concession stand even though her daughter is out of this soccer league "talked" my stepson and his girlfriend into giving Sumo Wrestling a try. My stepson is usually not so willing to make a fool out of himself...he has been known on occasion to accept monetary bribes (from my sister in law), but rarely does begging and pleading work. I think in the end she bribed them with food, but we'll let that remain a big mystery.

So the next thing we know, Collin and his girlfriend are off to Sumo Wrestle with all the family in tow...we weren't going to miss this! It was pretty freakin' hilarious! Once they were in the Sumo suits, they couldn't even move. They had to be lifted up, rolled sister in law tortured them by tickling their funny.

I could narrate the whole thing...but in the end, I could never do it just have to look at the pictures!

See how funny that is?

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