Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another journey....same path.

I am diving into the world of cake decorating once again because everybody knows I could use the practice!!   Last spring, I was able to take a free class at our local school and immensely enjoyed myself.  My cousin, Meeper, and I have the best time and our teacher adores us...I think

Who doesn't like two giggly girls talking and interrupting with our two cents?  We might just have to take over the class with our wisdom.  After all, things went so great last time, that we are like pros...sort of...kinda...not so much.

See exhibit #1.....

And exhibit #2

And what happens in the car...umm...yeah, well it stays in the car. 

But they weren't all diasters...

So we'll just have to see if improvement can be made, but either way, we are going to have fun doing it!!!  Lots and lots of fun, and lots and lots of cake!!!

If you live locally, anybody is allowed to come to the cake class, even those outside our township.  It is free, however you do have to buy some cake supplies. 
 Let me know if you are interested and I can give you the details! 

The more, the merrier!! 

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