Friday, January 8, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspiration...AND a ROCKIN' new blog find!!!

I love Pottery Barn...I love looking at the catalogs and swooning over the furniture dreaming of what my house could look like.  But I am on a seriouly meager budget...actually it is laughable to even call it a budget at this point.  Pottery barn has definitely inspired my decorating though!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I used pottery barn to inspire her nursery...if I couldn't buy it, it was up to me to make it.

First my dear hubby had to lay down laminate flooring.  The laminate flooring was a gift from my brother and his wife after my failed attempt to refinish the floor in there.  You gotta love free flooring!  (-:

I made "pottery barn" inspired shelves over her windows for more storage as her bedroom is quite small and we could use all the storage we could get!  They made a great place to display all the dolls and knick knacks I got at my baby shower, and I added my wedding bouquet just because it coordinated so well with the room.

 I sewed gingham curtains just like pottery barn had at the time, then paired them with some white sheers and used wrought iron (spray painted white) hearts for the tiebacks. 

I found an old nightstand at a thrift shop and gave it new life with some white paint.  Fred's grandmom gave us an old rocker that I also painted white and I made new slipcovers for the cushions.

I love on summer days when the breeze blows through the sheers, it reminds me of my grandmom's house.  Anyways, that is how it looked when I started, it has evolved since then as my daughter is now 3, but that is a whole different post.

But today my friends, I am posting to introduce you to my new favorite blog...that I just stumbled acrossed this morning, and I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!  It seriously will change my life.  I am going to dust off my nail gun, miter saw and jigsaw and get busy...well I might wait for the weather to warm up, it is a bit chilly out to be woodworking around here.

So check out this blog...

  Pottery Barn Shelves for $900

The $60 knock off from Knock Off Wood

Those bookcases ROCK!!

But wait till you see what else she has "knocked off"...

The "Pottery Barn" Farmhouse bed


I am really inspired now, and guess what?  You can make all these projects because she gives you the plans FOR FREE!!!!  That's right, she makes the projects, draws up plans and YOU can make them too!  All she asks is that you leave comments if you have any tips or suggestions to add.


So come on ladies, get out those tools,
and show these men just how talented you really are!
You can do it! 

And your first stop should be Knock Off Wood!


Ana White said...

I love your shelves over your windows! Your nursery is super cute!

Cynthia said...

I love that blog too! I need to send her the plans for the 'pottery barn inspired' scrapbook room I had. It was even featured in CK magazine a few years back. I designed all the pieces as PB knock-offs. Since my Daddy is a cabinet maker, I have access to all the tools needed to build cool stuff. With her plans, I can build even MORE cool stuff!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Oh, this makes me want a place to build, even more than I did. I love what you have done. Thanks for the link, too.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World