Saturday, January 9, 2010

FIRST Robotics Kick Off!!!

Today is the official start of the robotics season for my stepson Collin's robotics team,  and we are so excited! 

I am especially excited that we have finished our portion of the fundraising so shout out to all the people that have contributed and supported Collin in this journey.  He is truly in awe of the support he has recieved in the past three years as he has embarked on this endeavor. 

This will sadly be Collin's last year with the team now that he is a senior in high school...

At 10am this morning, NASA will begin broadcasting this year's game and rules via this link.  Each team will recieve a "parts" package and have six weeks to design and then build a robot that can participate and hopefully win in the game. 

And just to recap last season...

Here was our robot!  I am going to miss her!

Last year was such an exciting season for the team.  Our team made it to the quarter finals in the Philadelphia competition
And then we were finalists at the Finger Lakes Competition.

Here is Collin (on the left) with his team after being finalists at the Finger Lake Competitions.

Then in the off season, they actually WON the competition that they were also hosting!  We are so proud of Collin and of his team!

I can't wait to see the design of this year's robot unfold...and the best part is going to the first competition and seeing how different all the robots are designed.  It is pretty amazing what these teams are able to pull off, and the creativity that goes into each and every robot.

So here is wishing the LuNaTeCs a great new season! 


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I hope they have a great season too!

Cynthia said...

That is awesome! I love seeing kids take the road less traveled and enjoying such great activities (so do college scholarship committees, I know this because I sat on one for a year). I hope they kick robotic butt!