Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF - Friday Fill In's

Sorry for my absence lately, but I'll be catching up in September when the kids get back in school! Things have been crazy hectic around here for the past couple months! I can't believe that summer is almost over already and we are already back into fall soccer! Let the good times roll!

1. I remember my wedding/honeymoon like it was yesterday.
2. Dear Michael I want you to know that I am proud of who you are ALWAYS!.
3. Is that my bowl of ice cream!!???
4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of camping and it is really hard!
5. I'm saving a smile just for you! (-:
6. If I made a birthday lista new camera would definitely be on it!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending the night down the shore with the "girls", no kids, just TONS of laughter and fun, tomorrow my plans include heading home to see my kids and hubby and Sunday, I want to finish up making some plans for the next adventure!!


Cynthia said...

It's hard to blog during the summer when you can hardly hear yourself think! See you around this fall!

I'm counting the days till school is back in. 6 more!

Kristen said...

I need a new camera as well, I sat on mine at my son's scout camp and ruined the LCD screen. Too bad my birthday isn't until April!