Monday, June 1, 2009

Shirring Insanity...

My adventure in sewing hit a MAJOR road block and it was very frustrating! I was trying to shirr a shirt that I was making for Allyson and it just wouldn't just sewed a straight stich and wouldn't gather. I spent two days trying to figure out the problem, and I did figure it out thanks to some persistance.

Apparently the shirring elastic wasn't catching in the bobbin right. I really thought it had to do with the tightness of winding the bobbin, but that wasn't the problem. The bobbin wasn't threading automatically the way it was suppose to, but with a little guidance when it intially threads, it works fine. Which explained why it worked randomly different times.
Here is the shirt I made out of the same material as the previous dress I made.

Ally's shirt ended up being shorter than I care for, but that's okay, I can add lace or a ruffle to it at some point. I am also not a fan of tie straps...and neither is my daughter. She loves to undo them and take the whole thing off so I think I'll stick to either regular straps or a strap behind her neck where she can't get to it as easy.

My major project last week was to finish a dress to have Allyson's pictures taken at the beach for her 3rd birthday. I decided on a blue check material with embroidered flowers on it, and I thought I would line it with eyelet. Because I lined it, it didn't shirr nearly as well as the last dress. I was going to take it in so it would fit her better, but I just kept shirring to finally get it to fit.

I love this dress. Lining it gave it a weight to it that I love, and it is just so girly. I would definately cut the dress out a little smaller if I were to line one again to ensure it fits since it doesn't shirr as well, but in the end, I got it to fit well enough.

I am still learning something with everything I make so that is exciting for me, and the girls I babysit are really hoping their American girl dolls are going to be in shirred dresses soon. (-:

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