Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day - Spending the weekend with a few billion of our closest ENEMIES

This Memorial Day weekend, we went to a bonfire at Meeper's house with my brother's family, and my family. That night set the tone for the whole weekend. A few billion of our closest enemies decided to visit....gnats.
They were happy for the buffet that they were provided...plenty of adults and kids to feast upon.
Luckily Meeper and her husband, Mr. Meeper, have a huge screen tent that provided a lovely retreat. As soon as dark came, all insects pretty much were history except for an occasional mosquito..much more tolerable. We had a GREAT time though, it is always fun to get together and watch the kids play.

For something different, I made homemade vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

The next evening, my stepson had some of his high school friends over for a bonfire. At our house, we realized that there were SWARMS of strawberry flies ready to attack anybody that ventured outside. Luckily Fred ran to Walmart and was able to buy a screen house to provide the kids with some refuge.

All I can say is THANK GOD for the screen really saved the night!

Monday, Fred and I pulled together a family picnic with both his side and my side of the family.
I caught Michael and Allyson watching the marathon of Land of the Lost on sci fi right before the picnic. I used to LOVE that show!

Check out the bugs behind my Uncles head IN the screen tent!

So that is a recap of a very busy weekend with A LOT of pesky strawberry flies, gnats and mosquitos! But we did have a lot of fun, and it was GREAT to see everybody!

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