Tuesday, March 3, 2009


All winter, the kids and I have been waiting for a significant snow fall, and we finally got one!
So out we went to spend the day playing in the snow. Okay, I didn't last long. It was so cold, but Ally and her daddy had great fun playing in the snow!
Then later in the day, since Fred ended up having off due to the weather, we packed up the kids and headed to my grandparents farm for some sledding with my brother and my nephew!

Ally and Colt loved sledding! (-:

Below is my brother Randy, my nephew Colt, Ally with her brother Collin.

Here is Randy and Colt all masked for their sled journey.

Check Michael out running in the background. Seems like someone is always getting left behind..
As we approached the back field, we happened upon a bunch of deer.

Since my blog is called Foxtale Follies, I thought it would be cool to actually post a picture of some foxtale as the sun sets on our day!

As soon as the sun set, we were outta there!
It got really cold as it got darker, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted!
And now that we have had our snow storm, we would be fine with spring blooming any minute!

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momma said...

so much fun! we did go sledding, but i remember sledding when i was a little girl and it was so much fun!!