Saturday, March 28, 2009

The National Honor Society has a new member!!!

Last Thursday, Collin (my stepson) was inducted into the National Honor Society. Collin goes to an Engineering Academy so he will actually start college his senior year of high school, plus some of his high school classes, he will be getting both high school and college credit. We were so proud of his induction into the honor society!!! (-:

Here is Collin standing in the line up with his candle...except his candle blew out...UH OH!

But no worries, the girl next to him hooked him up with a light.

Here is Collin with his grandparents. (My In-laws)

And here is Collin with his dad and I. Disregard the fact that I need a haircut in the worst kinda way, and of course I had to give Collin bunny ears.

Afterwards, we all had to go celebrate, and what better way than to get some ice cream!! We joined Collin and his mom, met up with my inlaws, and all had some ice cream in the cold drizzling rain. YUMMY!

It was a great night, and we are so super proud of Collin's latest accomplishment!!!

Keep up the GREAT work Collin!!! We love you!!


momma said...

congratulations on such a great honor!!

Samkay said...

Yay Collin! lol In that last picture, he looks like he's trying to hold back a laugh, and Fred just looks pissed. LOL

Cynthia said...

Congratulations to Collin. I wish him every success.

Lana said...

Yow! You all must be so proud!

Love the bunny ears. Heehee!