Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introducing Sammy Su Botsy

Most of my regular followers know that my stepson, Collin, is involved with a local Robotics Team.
Every January, a new robotics competition is unveiled and our team must build a robot within 6 weeks to compete in the new game. The deadline is very strict, the robot has to be shipped on a certain date and time, and it is not an easy task to have a completed working robot finished in that time frame.
But our awesome team completed the task...
So today I reveal to you our latest and greatest robot....

Sammy Su Botsy. Yup, she's a girl. (-:

And to the right of Sammy Su is my super smart stepson looking on...

Collin made the back up drive team, and we are so proud of him! This hasn't been the easiest robotics year for him, but he has wanted to stick it out and we admire that he hasn't quit when the going has gotten hard!

Fred and I spent a Sunday with the Robotics team as they tested the robot a day or two prior to the ship date.

Before we left to test the robot at the practice field, we got to spend some quality time doing crafts with the team..okay maybe Fred didn't help much with the crafts, but he watched Ally so that was a big help.

Even Ally got into the act when Holly, Collin's girlfriend's mom, gave her the very important job of delivering the orbit balls to the workshop.

Then it was off to the practice field to get some drive time on Sammy Su.

Things went pretty well...some minor glitches,

but they were resolved the next day.

And below is the moment I missed...our robot went over to Collin's girlfriend, Sam and her sister, and dumped all the orbit balls on them. It was pretty funny, but I was laughing and missed the actual dumping.

This coming weekend is the first competition that we are going to compete in for this season. We are all very excited to see Sammy Su on the field doing what she loves! This is when all the hard work pays off for these kids, and all the blood, sweat and tears have got them to the finish line.

Fred and I just wanted to thank everybody for their financial contributions and support that helped us reach Collin's fundraising goal. Without your love and support, his participation on this team would not be realized...and we love you all for that!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Me said...

Fascinating! I think its great that you are so supportive of him.

I am quite impressed with Sammy Su Botsy! Aren't all electronics girls? I know cars seem to be?

Samkay said...

Hahah I hate that picture of me working on the crafts Tonya =P And yea, it was really funny for me and Shannon when whoever it was who was driving dumped them on us. lol I wanna say Collin was either driving or working the dump.....Probably driving. lol


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I love the craft pics, lol.

And I like your new header and background.