Friday, February 27, 2009

Tonight I am a proud mamma....

My son, Michael, placed 2nd place in his category at the science fair tonight.
He is so happy!
And of course, Fred and I are very proud of him! (-:

His project was based on whether a robot (his Robosapien Robot) could effectively handle objects as efficiently as a human.

As you can tell by his smile, he is so excited. Check out his red 2nd place ribbon, we stuck it on his project board.

Fred and Michael got some one on one time as they went up to the ceremonies tonight so that made it even more special. I wish I could have been there, but we didn't find out about it till last minute, and I was babysitting. But forunately Fred did take pictures for me!

This project really has sparked an interest in robotics for Michael as he wrote the company that made his robot, and one of the head engineers from Hong Kong wrote back directly answering his questions. He was so excited that they took the time to write. Unforunately he was unable to include the letter in his project because he recieved it past the deadline.

So tonight we are celebrating because a little celebrating and a lot of encouraging can make small dreams become big dreams.


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Way to go Mike!! And that is so cool that he got the letter from the company.

Me said...

Way to go! That truly is awesome! You should be proud! You both deserve it!

Blog Stalker said...

Way to go Michael! And I too am very impressed that the engineer wrote back.

Never enough one on one time, so score some more points!

Robotics would be a very lucrative career and the skills he would gain with that education would make him valuable to many diverse fields.

Have a great day!

Samkay said...

YAY Michael!!!! :) You did alot better than I ever could have done. lol

momma said...

wow! congrats to michael - what a great job!!

that's wonderful that he got a letter back, too.

Rhonda said...

Hey thanks for stoppig by!
Congrats to your son!! That is awesome. My husband was over robotics one year.

Are you currently doing The Total Money Makeover? If so, what Baby step are you on? Just curious!

Have a great day!

Lana said...

Good for him!! He looks very proud in the pic, as he should be!

Shawn said...

Way to go!

You area proud Mamma and you have every right to be!

N. said...

Hi! I just wanted to comment on the chicken thing. I just bought my first young whole chicken the other day. I put the whole thing in my crockpot, with water flavored with garlic and salt. After 8 hours I pulled all the chicken off and had enough for 3 meals! It's mixed white and dark, but in casseroles who can tell? I will definitely be doing that more often! And the broth was awesome!