Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cake Decorating...The DOLL Cake!

So first and foremost, I gotta give a shoutout to Meeper. While I was away on my whirlwind weekend in New York, my poor little cousin had to slave away baking me a cake so I would have one to decorate for cake class. And I so appreciated it! Thanks Meeper!

I knew this week at cake class was going to be interesting. I was so tired...beyond exhaustion between my jam packed weekend and the time chnage. Meeper told me she had some late nights that only means one thing...we were going to be giddy, and nobody was going to get our little jokes. Sometimes one of us can giggle, and the other will start with no real reason...of course nobody knows there is no reason, and that makes it even funnier.

Meeper's car broke down during the day, she was suppose to drive us to class, and my van was almost out of gas so since we didn't have time to hit the gas station...there was really only one solution.


My stepson, Collin's, new-to-him car. You know, sometimes you just have to break out of the Mommy Mold and instead of the mini van rock a more sporty car. I am sure Meeper enjoyed her ride...specially since it has been 15 years since I drove a stick shift.

But I assure you all that all of our cake decorating equipment will fit in this car...with strategic planning, and 3 people trying to shove it in. It really will fit...the only problem was getting the cakes home, but we'll get to that. (-:

One thing we learned this class was that I am quite messy...which really wasn't shocking to me, but some appeared to be shocked by this revelation. Note the icing coming out the bag the wrong way...which kept happening to me all night. But it made for some laughs...and even the teacher thought it was funny.

Here is Meeper cheating...patting down the middle of her stars, and I caught her. And note how clean her hands icing exploded out of her parchment bag. Well I made sure she didn't go home that way.

In an effort to make sure that we both went home messy, I wiped my hands on her shirt sleeve. Which in turn started a little icing war and thankfully I don't have pictures of that!

After our little icing war, Princess Isabella got a little wild and I had to cover her up. I am telling you, this girl has no class...

Here is Princess Isabella decent and modest as she was meant to be...

And here is Meeper's creation, Princess Gertrude (is that the name I gave her Meeper?)

And here are some of the rest of the creations by other members of our class...

Class ended, and it became apparent that our cakes would not fit back into their storage containers and that Meeper was going to have to hold the cakes for the ride home...while I drove stick shift for the 3rd time in 15 years. We were riding and it was dark...and then Meeper starting laughing loud...and I just knew something had happened. My doll lost her icing flower bouquet between the console and the seat.

We couldn't find it, but we sure did have a laugh about how long it would be in there.

Fred found it when he took Collin practice driving the other night.

And I just giggled when he showed it to me.

Who knows how that got in there?


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

ROFLMAO.....Thanks for making me laugh tonight. I needed it. I can imagine how much fun you had!

momma said...

those doll cakes are beautiful!!!

Lana said...

The first birthday cake I remember was when I turned 4. It was a barbie cake just like that. I was amazed and will never forget it. My aunt made it for me. Thanks for stiring up the memory!!