Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Playgroup - The Letter "G"

In this week's playgroup, we focused on the letter "G" as in Gingerbread men! Meeper had picked up a Gingerbread Cookie kit at Christmas time, but when our grandfather passed away in December, we postponed playgroup until after the holidays. So what a perfect project for this week!

The kids loved making their Gingerbread Cookies!

What child doesn't love icing, candy and cookies?

After the project, Jamie read the poem, "The Gingerbread Man". As she was reading, each child had a picture of a character in the poem so when she named their character, they got to hold up their picture. It was a nice way to keep the children's interest, and make them feel like part of the story.

Then we proceeded with our songs, and review of shapes and the alphabet. The kids are really learning a lot of new things. I am always amazed of how much my daugher retains from these meetings because sometimes she doesn't want to sing or partake in the activities. But she belts the songs out at home, and it has really helped with her retention of the alphabet.

Another side benefit of this time together is that the kids learn to share. Allyson wasn't too fond of sharing the toys at her house last week, but it is something that she definately needs to learn so I love that it is an added bonus to our meetings.

So another week down...

Kara (Meeper's daughter) and I are patiently waiting for "I" week and "M" week...

Can you say Ice Cream and Milkshakes?

We are all about that....we were even thinking of other ice cream treats for every "H' could be Hot fudge sundae. (-;

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momma said...

i really enjoy reading about your playground times. the pictures of the kids with their gingerbread men!