Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Homemade Sticky Buns and Donuts...OH MY!

Michael's class is discussing family history, and last week each child had to bring in a long standing family in one that has been passed from generation to generation. This week, they had to bring in the finished product for the kids to sample. My overly ambitious son decided that he would not submit just one family recipe, but two. Lucky me!

My belated Great Aunt Marion's sticky buns are stuff legends are made of. She once had a man at a church auction pay over $100 to win a batch of her sticky buns, people love them that much. This was only my third time making them, and I learn something new each time...this time, they got a little dry from overbaking (hey I was making donuts too!), but lesson learned and they are still edible...and they passed my hubby's approval.

And just a funny little side note about my Great Aunt Marion. I always thought her name was Lillian Marion. For years that is what I thought my mom was calling her so I called her that....except what I just found out in the past few years is that my mother was actually calling her "Little Auntie Marion". Say it fast and you can see how Lillian came out of that. My aunt probably thought I was nuts!
Thanks to her daughter, Penny, for reminding me about them, and getting my grandmom to give me the recipe. Penny's sticky buns are just as good as her grandmom even thinks they are better.
For the next recipe, we have my grandmom's glazed donuts. She has made them every single year for Christmas. She wasn't feeling too well yesterday so I couldn't bombard her with my million how to questions. So I followed the recipe as best as I could decipher it, and made my own glaze from an internet recipe.

They turned out really good...definately better than I thought they would. I couldn't stop myself from eating them this morning, and then of course the kids had to have one.

So we packed them up and off they went to school with Michael. Michael was so happy that I ended up having enough time to finish them. He went to bed way before me. And I have to give a shout out to my hubby who helped finished up when he got home from work, and then cleaned the kitchen for me!!!

So a HUGE thanks Fred!

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Denise said...

They look wonderful! Would you be able to share your recipes?? Technically I AM family :-)