Saturday, February 21, 2009

Firefly Friday - Playgroup Happenings

This weeks book was
"The Very Lonely Firefly" by Eric Carle.
Jamie, my sister in law, has been tasked with being the storyteller.

She also had a simple, yet creative way, for the kids to make their own fireflys.
She premade the firefly wings out of construction paper with a paper punch hole in the middle. Then she bought glow sticks. We snapped them, added the wings to the glow light strings and wallah "Fireflys". It was a great project to go along with the book!
Thanks Jamie!

Here is the gang with their homemade fireflys.

Check out my adorable little nephew in his cute little cap.

There are A LOT of benefits to playgroup, but one of the things


about it is that I get to see all the little cuties in my life once a week..and watch them grow!

It makes me so happy!

Sometimes we have to put someone in timeout...

we don't like to do it,

but some of these kids are just plain onry.

Don't look now, but there is a

particularly onry

one in time out as we speak.

Check out that smile while she is in timeout.

She is Meeper's daughter so expect no less.

But I know that smile well ,

my daughter has that same smile when she is in timeout.

I guess it runs in our family.

Thankfully our broke television now has a better use.

Since playgroup was at my house,

we got to finish out the day

"TONYA" style,

and for me, the day would not be complete without ice cream.

My house, MY RULES.

So the kids had mini splits...

And what about the adults you ask????

We had full fledge gigantic banana splits....

Okay so what if mine was the only gigantic one??

...there is no crime in that. (-;

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momma said...

what a great way to get together and have fun!

i might have to borrow the firefly idea - is that okay??