Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tough Times )-:

It seems like in the past couple days we have been inundated with bad news so I am asking that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers because I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesterday we found out that my beloved grandmom has breast cancer for the 2nd time. It is a small lump and they will perform surgery to remove it. Then she will be on radiation for approximately 5-6 weeks.
My grandmom is my life..she is like a second mother to me, we are extremely close, so this is hard for me to handle. I named my daughter after her, and it is too soon for her to leave me and my daughter behind so we will be fighting this prognosis, but she has other health ailments that I fear might be of greater difficulty.
On top of this prognosis, we just found out that her brother passed away last night. This will surely rock my grandmom's spirits and darken her thoughts. And yet another brother just started a battle of his own with cancer not probably six to eight months ago so this weighs heavily on her mind.
So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...
Also we have also received even more tragic news this week. A friend of ours is in the fight of his life. Fred and I are both deeply disturbed and concerned for him at this point. He has had some really tough times lately and we are hoping for a miracle and a change in his condition.
I ask that you not only keep him in your thoughts and prayers, but also keep his two sons in your thoughts. His youngest is the same age as Collin (17). It's heartbreaking for us to hear this sad news, and we are truly hoping that things turn around.
Thank you my blogger friends for your support and for sticking with me through my dark days. Your blogs are like a light and they keep my mind off of more troubling thoughts. THANK YOU!


Michelle said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I was very close to my grams too. She was a second mom to me. When she passed it just killed me. Though she was 89 and lived a long and full life. That gave me some peace. So I know how your heart aches. I pray she will come through this health scare. I'm sorry to hear about the other bad news. About 5 years ago we had a year like you're having. Bad news just seemed to come from all directions. That was the year my close friend died and my mother in-law. It was a bad year. Stay strong and keep your chin up. Take care.

Denise said...

Im praying for you and your family. And please call me if I know your friend....b/c I havent heard anything about anyone.


Call me if you need know Im always here for you, right??

Samkay said...

Oh no! Tonya, that's horrible! =[